Our faculty, research staff, and students . . .

Our faculty and research staff can be found in the pages of Science and Nature, on Capitol Hill briefing policymakers on major science issues, and with students on the ice sheets of Greenland, following forest fires in Brazil or collecting data in our own New England woods.

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Heidi Asbjornsen, Associate Professor
Bobby Braswell, Research Associate Professor
Elizabeth Burakowski, Research Assistant Professor
Jack Dibb, Research Associate Professor
Steve Frolking, Research Professor
Erik Hobbie, Research Professor
Richard Lammers, Research Assistant Professor
Mary Martin, Research Assistant Professor
Berrien Moore, Director Emeritus, Inst. for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space
Scott Ollinger, Professor
Michael Palace, Associate Professor
Barry Rock, Professor Emeritus
Alex Shiklomanov, Research Assistant Professor
Ruth Varner, ESRC Director / Professor
Cameron Wake, Research Professor
Wil Wollheim, Assistant Professor
Jingfeng Xiao, Research Associate Professor

Affiliate Faculty

John Aber, Affiliate Professor
Patrick Crill, Affiliate Professor
Mark Fahnestock, Affiliate Professor
Ross Gorte, Affiliate Research Professor
Joanna Gyory, Affiliate Research Assistant Professor
George Hurtt, Affiliate Professor
Matthew Huber, Affiliate Research Professor
Michael Keller, Affiliate Professor
Kim Lowell, Affiliate Research Professor
Julie Talbot, Affiliate Assistant Professor
Charles Vörösmarty, Affiliate Professor
Dominik Wisser, Affiliate Associate Professor
Xiangming Xiao, Affiliate Professor

ESRC Staff

Ilya Atkin, Information Technologist
Belinda Camire, Sr. Business Services Assistant
Eleanor (Nell) Campbell, Research Scientist
Maureen Claussen, Financial Support Specialist
Alix Contosta, Research Scientist
Jia Deng, Research Scientist
Gary Desjardins, Administrative Accounting Specialist
Kathleen Duderstadt, Research Scientist
David Filipovic, Information Technologist
Stanley Glidden, Information Technologist
Danielle Grogan, Research Scientist
Christina Herrick, Research Scientist
David Justice, Information Technologist
Muge Komurcu Bayraktar, Research Scientist
Lucie Lepine, Research Scientist
Tom Milliman, Research Scientist
Gopal Mulukutla, Research Scientist
Andrew Ouimette, Research Scientist
Apryl Perry, Research Scientist
Christopher Phaneuf, Information Technologist
Alex Prusevich, Research Scientist
Michael Routhier, Information Technology Manager
Fay Rubin, ESRC Associate Director / Project Director
Eric Scheuer, Research Project Engineer
Annette Schloss, Research Scientist
Faith Sheridan, Sr. Administrative Assistant
Joe Souney, Project Director
Robert Stewart, Research Scientist
Franklin Sullivan, Research Technician
Donna Thibault, Financial Support Specialist
Linda Tibbetts, Assistant Director
Mark Twickler, Sr. Research Project Manager
Matt Vadeboncoeur, Research Scientist
Michelle Walker, Financial Support Specialist
Zaixing Zhou, Research Scientist
Shantar Zuidema, Research Scientist

ESRC Post-Doctoral Students

Adam Coble, Post-Doctoral Research Associate

ESRC Graduate Students

Dan Bolster, Masters in Natural Resources and the Environment
Sophie Burke, PhD in Natural Resources and the Environment
Joshua Cain, Masters in Natural Resources and the Environment
Chris Cook, Masters in Natural Resources and the Environment
Jess DelGreco, Graduate Student
Chris Horruitiner, Masters in Earth Sciences
Tao Huang, Masters in Natural Resources and the Environment
Eric Heim, Masters in Earth Sciences
Natalie Kashi, PhD in Natural Resources and the Environment
Tamara Marcus, PhD in Natural Resources and the Environment
Kellen McArthur, Masters in Earth Sciences
Clarice Perryman, Masters in Earth Sciences
Nathan Thorp, PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences
Chris Whitney, Masters in Natural Resources and the Environment